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A little guide to the fave bondeye cuts, as picked by our designer, Mim.

The Sahara + The Sinner

I absolutely can’t go past this set as it’s perfect for tanning. My go to cossie is one that I can wear at the beach all day + get a really nice + even tan. This set is the perfect tanning bandeau with a cute knot detail at the front which adds a bit of shape to my bust as well. Paired back with the cheeky sinner brief means I can be in the sun all day + get the best tan.


The Madison

The Madison is my go-to one piece swimsuit. It’s got a classic square neckline + a good coverage bum that doesn’t move around. It’s my favourite piece for any water activities like snorkelling, swimming laps + other summer water sports. It’s available in a good range of colours too. My favourite is the Baywatch Red hue as it stands out + gives you a nice pop of colour that people always love.

The Can’t Stop V Crop + Buffed Brief

This is my absolute favourite bikini shape. It’s a basic bikini top shape with a little bit of a twist. A wire V is encased in the seam in the middle which accentuates the bust + it acts as an understated feature + a point of difference. It’s just been released in a neutral animal print, Almond Zebra, which is a muted print on a creamy almond base. It's designed using a soft touch matte satin which gives a nice + soft 1970’s glam feel.

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