Swim Care

Swim Care

The golden rules for caring for your swim.


Harsh chemicals like chlorine can fade the dye + break down the elasticity.  Always remember to hand wash your swimsuit in cold water after wearing it, especially after pools + spas. 

 Never dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight or heat as this can often sun bleach the nylon. Dry well away from other items + lay it flat to dry. 

 Rinse off any sunscreen or sun tanning lotions with cold water + use mild detergents or just water. Often stains on your swim are caused by creams, including tanning oils + fake tan, so ensure you avoid putting this on the swimsuit. 

To break it down:    

 1. Wet wet wet

Wet your bikini with tap water before getting in the pool or spa. This means your bikini will absorb more fresh water, rather than chlorinated water.     

 2. Keep it Cool  

Heat really is the enemy of swimwear. Never wash your bikini in hot water or put it in the dryer. We beg you, please no dryer.     

 3. Cold Hand Wash  

We cannot stress this enough. Always wash in cold water, do not use laundry detergent (if you really need detergent, make sure it is delicate). Warm water opens up the fibers causing fading.     

 4. Environment   

Every pool + spa is different, you never know what is in the water or the strength of the chemicals. Don’t assume your swimsuit will be okay, not everyone maintains their spas or hot tubs perfectly.       

 5. Rest  

Stretch fabrics need time to recover between wearing. Rotate your swimwear, do not wear the same bikini each day. For health reasons, let your swimwear completely dry out before wearing again.