bond-eye australia is dedicated to making a difference. We began our sustainability journey in 2018, taking our first steps towards a more responsible future. We’re embracing this journey, learning along the way + making conscious efforts to minimise our impact on the planet.

From our summer 2021 collection onwards, we’ve introduced regenerated nylon into the range with the intention to increase this proportion of the range as much as possible moving forward. Made with production by-products, these fabrics use environmentally-sustainable nylon fibres obtained from regenerated raw materials that would ordinarily be disposed of.

The crinkle fabric range of the bond-eye collection is locally produced in Sydney, Australia + all our sampling is created using leftover or faulty fabrics that are not saleable as merchandise.

Our fabric cutting is planned out to ensure minimal waste, + we’ve partnered with UPPARREL to recycle all fabric scraps into new materials.
Typically tie-dying uses a lot of energy as it requires hot water to dye the garments. Our factory in Sydney uses solar energy to complete this process.

It is our goal to continually refine our packaging solutions.
We have just began phasing in compostable + biodegradable poly bags for all orders, with the target that all products will be packed in these poly bags by the end of 2021, if not earlier.

Previously our swing tags have been made using recycled paper, which we’ve improved on by removing the metal + plastic components of the tags + switching to a recycled polyester string. All sew-in labels, all care labels + all components of our swing tags are made using recycled materials.

We believe in making swimsuits to last summer after summer, with carefully considered pieces that will find a long-lasting home in your wardrobe. While we know that there will always be more to learn + better practices to evolve into, we welcome the journey to becoming a more sustainable brand.