about us

Made to be seen, bond-eye swim is infused with the spirit of summer, salt-mist days + electric nights of its home in Sydney.

Known for bold, ultra flattering silhouettes, each collection hints of nostalgia paired with innovative design principles.

Every piece is designed with intention, incorporating modern ethical production practices—from initial designs using The Authentic Crinkle™, through to our hand craftsmanship here in Australia.

unsized swim

Every piece has been artisanally hand-made, knitted using premium European fibres, + constructed to allow four-way stretch + instant recovery along the body for statement-making pieces that match the mood of the wearer: Confident, discerning + truly authentic.

bond-eye swimwear is unsized + designed to fit a size XS through to L, with all shapes + sizes in between. Due to the unique stretch of our fabric, most of The Authentic Crinkle™ bikini tops + one-piece swimsuits can fit an A-DD/E cup. Our ultra-flexible fabric means most of our The Authentic Crinkle™bikini bottoms can be worn either low, mid or high rise.

We’re proud of the fact that our swim collections are unsized for a reason—the reduction of excess fabric from offering multiple sizing.

By creating unsized swimwear, we’re also cutting down on excessive stock + reusing fabric off-cuts, with 80% of our range shaped from regenerated nylon derived from pre-consumer raw materials that would ordinarily go to waste. This recycled yarn is manufactured exclusively by a premium Italian mill using leading environmental processes which include reduced carbon dioxide emissions, 100% renewable energy + less water consumption.

the authentic crinkle™

bond-eye swim is made from The Authentic Crinkle™ fabric. Our fibres are knitted in Europe, + imported to Sydney, Australia, where they are hand crafted into our unique + inimitable garments.

To see more about how our pieces fit from an XS to L, + offer the ultimate level of comfort due to the unique stretch.


At bond-eye, our values are stitched firmly into the fabric of our swimwear + represent our passion + commitment to the ocean + the beautiful Australian landscape.

In 2018 we began our sustainability journey by taking honest + transformative steps towards a more responsible future.