Bond-eye is committed to creating collections in the most purposeful and mindful ways. Our brand, founded in Bondi, encapsulates the freedom and spirit of the ocean and an Australian lifestyle we aim to celebrate and preserve.
We began our sustainability journey in 2018, taking honest and transformative steps towards a more responsible future. Today, we’ve zeroed in on every link in the chain: learning, reinventing and making conscious efforts to minimise our impact on the environment. 



Bond-eye swim is handmade in Sydney, Australia, and we are proud to be working with female-led communities in our factory, dye house and fabric mill. Our swim collections are unsized for a reason: we’re cutting down on excessive stock and reusing fabric off-cuts. From September, 80% of our range will be shaped from regenerated nylon derived from pre-consumer raw materials that would ordinarily go to waste. This recycled yarn is manufactured exclusively by a premium Italian mill using leading environmental processes which include reduced carbon dioxide emissions, 100% renewable energy and less water consumption. 


We are equally committed to our packaging as our designs. All bond-eye tags, labels and trims are made from recycled materials and our garment bags are produced from plant-based materials that can be composted in home waste, and without leaching harmful chemicals into the soil. 


During the last year we also partnered with UPPAREL, a company that reimagines the life of unwanted textiles and turns them into useful products. We’ve only just begun this journey but to date we have prevented an enormous portion of textile waste from entering landfill. Since 2018, we have also partnered with i=Change, donating $1 from every sale to three charities focused on environmental issues, women’s well-being and child welfare.


Bond-eye is committed to a better future. Our goal is to push further forward, applying the most innovative environmental practises to our hi-tech performance materials, always with sustainability in mind.