Each day we start a new beginning, stepping into a story of our own design + Halcyon encapsulates that spirit of exploration + living life slowly + on your own terms.


Through this collection, we honour the act of taking a sabbatical from life + the freedom of waking up with nothing but the ocean + exploration calling your name.


Every piece in Halcyon has been crafted according to our signature unsized designs + multifunctional styles that support + celebrate every figure. We also welcome back our beloved + tactile Tiger Jacquard fabric in fresh hues of Mint and Pink to salute the sun + clear shallow seas.








aegean blue

pink tiger

turquoise shimmer

Photographer Pierre Toussant brought his trademark raw + understated aesthetic, capturing our model muses Lente Hugen + Julia Saksa in idle revelry on location in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.


Hair + makeup artist Rosarinho Rodrigues channelled the radiant sunkissed glow of a day living in a bikini, with stylist Rhea Raven setting our hazy sunset + sea-inspired shades against the mellow regalia of Bali living.


This is the moment to restore, revive + release your true self.

dropping soon

guava eco

mint tiger

neon orange eco

fuschia shimmer

lavender lurex
dropping in june

lavender lurex