meet the muse: liana levi

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! My name is Liana Levi, I am a Los Angeles native + the Owner & Founder of Forma Pilates!

Liana wears the Margarita Bandeau + the Larisa Brief in Baby Pink

We loved collaborating with you. What are your must have bond-eye picks?

I can't live without the Sinner Brief & Sophie Triangle - I love a classic silhouette and a cheeky bottom.

Tell us a bit about Forma Pilates. How did you get started?

Early on in the pandemic I purchased a reformer for my house and continued my practice from home - it helped bring a sense of normalcy into my daily routine during a time when everything felt a bit chaotic.

Soon after, word quickly started to spread around town and I started training my closest friends & family. From there, more friends & friends of friends started reaching out to come train.

Forma was founded on creating a safe space for everyone to practice mental and physical fitness - and we have continued to maintain that today.

Liana wears the Rico One Piece in Sunny Multi

On the days where you just don’t feel like working out, how do you stay motivated?

One major way that I stay motivated is by working out with a friend. Friends and family are a great source of motivation and it always makes the workout a little more fun.

Tell us about some of the learnings you have taken away from other female entrepreneurs in the health and wellness areas?

My biggest key learnings have been to trust my gut and instincts, and block out any outside noise or negativity. People will always have something to say about what others are doing, especially if it is off the beaten path, and none of that matters. The more you trust and believe in yourself and your dream, the more success will come.

Another key learning is to be versatile. When working within the fitness and wellness space, it is important to remember that everyone’s goals and fitness journeys are different. Learning and understanding each client’s needs not only helps me grow as a business owner, but also helps my instructors expand their knowledge and skills. Success is not limiting yourself to only one fitness level, it is the ability to work with any and all.

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